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Can we work together?

I hope so .. that would be awesome!

I run all my consulting through my company Coding Inertia. Check out the Coding Inertia web site for more details.

I strongly believe that in order to build successful software we need more than good timing and generous budgets. Those things are both necessary and important but we also need to share compatible development philosophies.

No, that doesn't mean trust falls and ropes courses but it does mean we need to take some time to get to know each other. The best way to do that is to schedule an introduction call to get to know each other phone call which we can automatically schedule using the following link:

You can also email me at or call +1(208)991-3325 ... call will likely go to voice mail but I'll call back.

I enjoy teaching and building software development processes where none exist.

On the technology side I am currently excited to work on projects that can leverage .Net Core, ASP.Net Core, Xamarin,Azure, Vue.js, and Angular.